The professional LiEin studio team will help you organise and hold an event or a project which will meet you taste and desires.

LIEin studio offers a various range of services:

  • Organisation and staging of events and fashion shows;
  • Commercial and music videos stylistics
  • TV shows and movies stylistics
  • Competitions and exhibitions organisation and staging
  • Photo, video, portfolio
  • Private parties and corporate events organization
  • Service and catering
  • Providing male and female models for fashion shows
  • Interior design and decoration
  • Designer clothing rent and sale
  • Providing technical equipment (sound, light, generators, etc..)

About us:

LiEin Brand has now existed for 10 years and it combines style, quality and professionalism. Numerous projects and events such as well know designers’ and brands’ shows, many famous artists’ performances, stylistics of music and commercial videos clips, staging and organisation of events took place under the direction of LiEin studio.

The founder of LiEin Brand is a well known producer and stylist Anatoli Ein. The experience gained from project work, TV shows, stylistics in music videos, organisation of different events allows Anatoli to reach high levels and quality results.