lifestyle by anatoli ein

   Life Style by Anatoli Ein is a  Channel 3+ program created and hosted by Anatoli Ein which gives viewers an opportunity to plunge into the magical world of travel, beauty, fashion, and be on trend with important social events taking place in Estonia and abroad.  

  The program also gives an access to the best fashion parties showing the life of fashion gurus and the stars of show business. Each story presents people who managed to find their way of life in different areas, enthusiastic, competent and well-known personalities.

  Watch Life Style by Anatoli Ein and one day you will feel like a star, because you were in the right place at the right time and hit the camera spotlight.  “Lifestyle by Anatoli Ein” is a show of new trends, popular travel destinations, fascinating events and a world of positive emotions that is never boring.  

  Let “Life Style by Anatoli Ein” be a part of your own lifestyle. 

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